Paper Shredding Services

Route Paper Shreddng Services - Piles of confidential paperwork? Call Beaver Shredding

Beaver Shredding is a Chicago paper shredding service. Virtually to meet every clients requirements. Shredded at the customer's site at a rate of 3,000 lbs per hour.

  • Route Paper Shredding Service - Weekly, monthly, semimonthly, quarterly, and semiquarterly scheduled paper shredding service.
  • Purge Paper Shredding Service - For those requiring annual, one-time service.
  • Bin Rental - There is no rental fee.
  • Recycling Service - All of our shredded material is recycled.
  • Off-Site Paper Shredding Service - We will provide off-site service at no extra charge when a client requests it.
  • Certificate - Certificate of Destruction is given to every client.
  • Chicago paper shredding service

Benefits of Beaver Shredding

We have Confidential document shredding in Chicago

Beaver Shredding is a professional paper shredding company that utilizes state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks, which are faster, more efficient, and has a high-volume destruction process. Beaver Shredding will save you money if you are currently doing your own shredding and data disposal.

The removal of staples and paper clips for our confidential paper shredding services are NOT REQUIRED.

Do not risk identy theft - Contact Beaver Shredding - Mobile Document Shredding Services

Confidential document shredding in Chicago 

  • No shredder to purchase or maintain
  • No bags to purchase
  • No mess, dust, or cleanup
  • Increase office productivity
  • No employee wager to pay
  • Increase security
  • Shred on site
  • Locked container
  • No loss of confidentiality
  • No sorting of paper
  • No removal of paper clips or staples
  • No problems or worries
  • We handle it all!
  • You get a signed certificate of destruction for your file.
  • All shredded material is recycled!
  • You save 17 trees for every ton of paper recycled.