Confidential Paper Shredding in Naperville

Confidential Paper Shredding is a great way to keep waste out of landfills. Being economically responsible helps clean up the earth and leaves a healthier planet for many generations to come. Old documents with confidential information should always be shredded and properly disposed of. It is said that paper can be recycled anywhere from five to seven times. If youíre a business owner, supplying recycling bins to your employees will not only help save you money but it will help protect the earth too. Other reasons to use Confidential Paper Shredding services are it protects your customers, reduces safety hazards and increases employee productivity. Utilizing a paper shredding company will help keep your employees working on their jobs rather than destroying paper. One of the best in the business is Beaver Shredding, Inc. We service Naperville, as well as the surrounding towns and several different states. If you need our services, donít hesitate to call us at 866-674-7323 or fill out the form on this page and weíll call you back.

Shredding Made Easy

Confidential Paper Shredding Naperville

Beaver Shredding, Inc., is in the business to make Confidential Paper Shredding easy for you. We have a variety of options in regards to how and when we shred your documents. We offer a variety of bins that can range from holding 35 pounds all the way through 300 pounds. We also offer weekly, monthly or annual commitments. If youíre moving and need to get rid of confidential papers, we can drop a bin and pick it up at an agreed pick-up date. This allows you to utilize the bin fully while moving. If youíre a company that prints documents with customer information on them, youíll want to properly dispose of these documents. Once in the locked bin, weíll setup a time to retrieve the bin and take it back to our facility and shred completely.

Not all documents need to be shredded but there are some very important documents that should not go un-shredded. Documents such as social security cards, marriage or divorce decrees, credit card bills or utilities bills should all be shredded immediately upon no longer needing them. However, receipts, taxes and insurance information are a part of the documents that Confidential Paper Shredding services should be used for. Most people donít think much of it but someone wanting to steal your identity can do so with just a few pieces of confidential information. In a time when technology is so advanced, finding out about a person on the internet isnít that hard. If given a name and address, you can likely find a whole lot more. Be smart. Shred everything.

Recycle Recycle Recycle

Confidential Paper Shredding services recycle the documents they are shredding. Those documents benefit us by protecting the environment, reducing pollution, reducing the size of landfills and so much more. Recycling has many benefits and shredding leads to recycling. Therefore, thereís really no reason you should utilize Confidential Paper Shredding services. When we recycle, we reduce the amount of chemicals, plastics and can going into the earth. Anything that can be reused will help so stop throwing away your waste.

Landfills have been an issues for decades. When you recycling by using Confidential Paper Shredding services, youíre utilizing waste products in a constructive way. Overtime, this reduces the amount of waste in our landfills. As the population grows, it will be difficult for landfills to continue to hold so much trash. Once the landfills canít hold anymore, the trash and pollution will make its way to our cities and beautiful landscapes. We much recycle to reduce that possibility. Donít wait any longer, call Beaver Shredding, Inc. today and weíll tell you all about our services. We can be reached by dialing 866-674-7323 or fill out the form on this page.