Confidential Paper Shredding Chicago

Confidential Paper Shredding Chicago

Confidential Paper Shredding is vital for safe keeping your information safe. If your information were to get into the wrong hands, you could be dealing with identity theft or something worse that isnít even your fault. If information such as your social security number, address, names or other sensitive information were to fall into the hands of an identity theft, the outcome costs time, energy and money for you.

The best way to keep your information to yourself is to periodically have your confidential information shredded. Beaver Shredding, Inc. are the experts in confidential paper shredding. Whether you want an onsite shred or a pick-up and shred, you have options. We can also set you up with a routine schedule or you can give us a call each and every time youíre ready for our services. We can be reached at 866-674-7323 or fill out the form on this page and weíll have an expert shredder get in touch with you.

Why Shred

The number of people that just toss their mail into the garbage is astounding. When you get a medical bill, you may pay it and then just toss the bill away but what you donít realize is is that that bill has pertinent information about you on it. Besides your name and address, that bill may contain your doctorís name or the hospitals name. It could have an account number on it, to which someone interested in stealing your identity, could use. Itís important to safeguard all your information and protect it. This is where Confidential Paper Shredding is most important.

Another reason to utilize Confidential Paper Shredding Services is the elimination of clutter. Paper clutter could be hazardous for a couple of reasons but one main reason is the possibility of starting a fire. If an office where to have a small fire start, the clutter of papers would just make that fire spread faster. Smaller companies may not have the space for onsite shredding so, Beaver Shredding, Inc. offers either onsite or pick-up services. Our onsite services allow for less travel of the confidential information. However, it may be more convenient to have your bins picked up and shredded offsite. Confidential Paper Shredding services are used to save companies and individuals time too. For companies who use their staff to shred documents, youíre not utilizing your employees to the best of their abilities.

If your business is based on billable time and you have employees spending a portion of their day or days just shredding documents that pertain information that is confidential, then those employees are less billable. Taking advantage of Confidential Paper Shredding services is the right way to go. Although Beaver Shredding, Inc. is based out of Chicago, we supply our services to the surrounding areas too. Our pricing is reasonable and our staff are all skilled and trained to handle confidential information.

Stop Just Throwing Away Your Paper

Beaver Shred, Inc. wants to help you. We offer a variety of bins based on your company size and the amount of waste you may have. If youíre unsure, we can supply you with a smaller bin and if itís filling up faster than expected, we can offer one of our bigger options to you. Confidential Paper Shredding is something that should be utilized by all companies but specifically any companies in the medical or banking industries. If you have any questions about our services, please reach out to us at 866-674-7323 or fill out the form on this page and weíll reach out soon. Donít be a victim to identity theft or something worse. Shred your documents today!