Secure Paper Shredding in Wisconsin

One of the best ways to avoid fraud is to properly shred important documents. Many people just toss junk mail without making sure that their personal information isnít on it. Someone interested in stealing your identity can easily do so just by stealing your mail first. Most of your mail just includes a name and address but documents such as bank statements, insurance documents, employment information, etc. could lead you down a long path of fighting for your identity. Credit card offers are also an easy way to avoid fraud if only the offers are shredded properly. Paper Shredding Services are the key to keeping your identity to yourself.

Secure Paper Shredding Services Wisconsin

Personal and confidential information should always be shredded. As a business owner, itís your responsibility to protect your employees and your customers. Any client, patient or employee information requires shredding according to Federal Law. Paper Shredding Services are made affordable because we understand the importance of protecting you. At Beaver Shredding, Inc. we strive to provide a service that will leave you feeling guilty-free. Give us a call at 866-674-7323 or fill out the form on this page and let us tell you about our Paper Shredding Services.

Go Green

Paper Shredding Services not only protect ones identity but itís also a way of going green. Recycling does so much good for the earth and you can do your part just by shredding important documents. The concept is simple Ė turn something old into something new. Energy is saved when you recycle. Less waste that enters our landfills, the better. The environmental benefit of using Paper Shredding Services includes reducing air and water pollution too. There are numerous benefits to recycling, therefore, we recommend every home and business start doing their part by utilizing Paper Shredding Services.

Paper Shredding Services tend to get overlooked because of the lack of knowing what to toss and what to shred. Weíll make it easy for you Ė shred everything to avoid any problems in the future. Healthcare bills, bank statements, tax returns and more are all documents that contain personal information about you. You should protect yourself by shredding those documents.

Another good reason to use Paper Shredding Services is the confidence your customers will have in you. When you are responsible for personal information of another, you should make them feel comfortable that their information is in the right hands. If you tell your customers that you utilizing Paper Shredding Services, youíll be sure to gain their trust in you and in return, they will tell their friends and family about your service to protect their identity.

Reduce Fire Hazard

Something most people donít think of is the increased fire hazard it is to have papers everywhere. If a small fire breaks out in your place of business and you have mounds of paper scattered around, those papers will go up in flames causing the fire to spread rapidly. In order to prevent this from happening, itís best to commit to Paper Shredding Services and keep minimal paper around the office or at home. In order to do that, you should call Beaver Shredding, Inc. at 866-674-7323 or fill out the form on this page and weíll reach out soon. We service a number of neighborhoods in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa.